HARISMA Business Coaching

Harisma Business coaching helps in running a successful business. Harisma coaching provides techniques to find ways for solutions in order to help exploring problems and successful strategies in the own business.

How can a Harisma business coach help you?

Harisma coaching will help you find effective Strategien for  your buisnessgoals, focusing on what you need to do, and find the best holistic strategy to achieve them. At the very least, the HARISMA coach provides out of his experiences Solutions and a professionell network , so you can continue to improve in your buisness.


HARISMA Mentoring provides their professional knowledge, experience, and advice to those who are less experienced. By increasing their experience and skills, mentors steer the oriented in the right direction.

The role of a mentor develops as the needs of his mentees change from time to time. In most cases, mentoring relationships are informal, while at the time, these relationships could be more formal. Informal mentoring relationships, mentors follow a structured approach to setting realistic expectations and achieving mutual benefits.

How can HARISMA Mentoring help you?

HARSMA MENTORING helps your career growth, gain confidence, and improve interpersonal skills. This support is based on the mentors’ own experience and learning, which makes them more reliable figures in the eyes of people they are mentoring (Mentee).

From a business standpoint, HARISMA mentors help employees gain more confidence in their work and develop value-adding skills.


HARISMA Consultants are experts who performs specific tasks in business, usually by being proactive and is responsible for providing agreed results to clients. Their knowledge is in their years of experience, so they will understand your „life- situation“ and consults you to find your own solutions. Professional Harisma Consultants provide you professional or technical advice or opinion.

How can Harisma Consulting support you?

HARISMA consultants are experts in what they do. They have mastered the process and found the most efficient way to do it. They will usually evaluate what you have done so far and provide a detailed plan of how to do it correctly, with a step-by-step process.

HARISMA consultants help you or your team to get the results you are looking for by working with you or getting the changes and results you want. HARISMA consultant learn what you or your organization is doing and then develops a new plan or outcome. They  have the experience that you or your team may not have. They support projects or initiatives with their specific expertise and, when the project is completed, move on to the next company or project.


HARISMA consultants are experienced persons, who gives technical and professional advice to you and your team,  because of their meaningful insights, knowledge, and experience.

HARISMA coaching helps you find clarity and answers and helps you understand how to move toward your goals and grow personally.

HARISMA Mentoring helps to promote your career and you are in need of learning from others,  HARISMA Mentors will be your role model.